Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Once upon a time there was a girl who went by the incredibly elegant alias of GreenMedallion.

I'm a twenty-three year old fangirl who... well... fangirls a lot. I'm a pretty passionate fangirl too. And shipper. I ship hard. I'm also really goofy and silly and just generally weird.


You wouldn't know it in real life though, 'cause I'm rather shy, so it would take a long time to reveal my true colors to you. Yay for the internet making it easier for introverted shy people to reveal their true colors!

I have four siblings (so there's five of us in all). Here's a rundown of my amazing siblings (cuz they're pretty much my entire world. yeah.):

(for privacy's sake, I'll be giving them aliases too)

1) FayeHope: She's my elder sister (I'm the second eldest). She likes K-dramas (Korean dramas), writing stories, fantasy/sci-fi movies, and reading. Seriously. She reads a ton.

2) Waldo: Yeah... why did I choose the - erm - interesting alias Waldo for my younger brother? Cuz that's what he goes by on Blockland. *Shrugs* He loves Blockland, in case you didn't catch that, and lots of other video games, and sports, and he's pretty tech savvy. He's a pretty cool bro.

3) HollowCandles: My amazing youngah sistah. She loves movies, TV shows, and enjoys writing and drawing. She's also extremely into anime.

5) Cyber: My little bundle of joy. He's the baby of the family (though he hasn't been a baby in a LONG time. But let's overlook that little detail, shall we? I do every day). He's probably spoiled. He loves video games and... video games... (oh dear)... and video games... and... vid- ok, I'll stop.

Sooooo... why am I creating this blog? Mainly to vent about fangirly things (like shows I'm currently watching, aka "Once Upon a Time" and "Doctor Who"), to review movies, and just to post about whatever random thing enters my mind. But this blog will probably revolve mostly around media.

So who exactly am I? (Besides being a fangirl, obviously). Well, most importantly, I'm a Christian, saved by grace. I was home-schooled, and am currently working at a grocery store and living at home while I plan the next stage of my life. I'm kind of wanting to eventually go to a Christian college and study missions. But we'll see. :)

And I am a hopeless romantic who, thanks to movies like Sabrina and Funny Face, thinks Paris is the city of romance itself, and desperately wants to go there one day. I'd actually love to travel the whole world. Europe has a special place in my heart, though. (Who am I kidding - it probably has a special place in everyone's heart). I reeeeally want to travel.

In case you were wondering why I chose the pen name "Green Medallion" - here's the run down: Green is my favorite color (but not just any ol' green. I don't like bright, ugly lime green. Yech. I like soft, faded, olive, moss or forest greens. Beautiful!). And I love jewelry, especially medallions. Also, I absolutely love the Nancy Drew PC Game "Treasure In the Royal Tower" (if you haven't played it - seriously - PLAY IT! you'll thank me later) and the game kind of revolves around trying to find all these different medallions. So yeah, that influenced it too. Plus the word 'Medallion' is just so majestic sounding. *Swishes hair dramatically*

Annnnyway, I hope this is a good enough introduction. I'm afraid I'm not very eloquent with words... I'm kind of like Mr. Bingley: "My ideas flow so rapidly that I have not time to express them -- by which means my letters sometimes convey no ideas at all to my correspondents."

And there we have it. I ended with a Jane Austen quote. Bravo, me.

(And just a general warning - I am probably Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy's biggest fangirl)

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