Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Tale of Two Cities Dreamcast

Hey, everyone!

So, I'm sitting here, drinking some kombucha (soooo good), trying to think up a Tale of Two Cities dreamcast, cause I really, really want this story to be made into a movie soon. I love this story, and it hasn't been remade in a long time. And I mean a loooong time. The last time it was on the screen was 1989.

1989, people!

And that wasn't even on the big screen; it was a TV mini-series.

I actually haven't seen the 1989 mini-series. I'm a kind of afraid too, personally. Mini-serieses made in the 80s are rarely - ahem - well made. (If anyone reading this has seen it, did you like it, and would you recommend it?)

Actually, the only film version of A Tale of Two Cities I've seen is the 1935 version starring Ronald Colman. And I loooooove that movie to death. I walked in on my sister watching the movie on her laptop once, plopped down next to her, and caught the last half. I wasn't sure why, but I couldn't shake the feeling the movie left me with. Sydney Carton (perfectly portrayed by Ronald Colman) and his ultimate sacrifice really stuck with me. In fact, I think I walked around the house in a sort of daze afterwards. It was so heroic and tragically romantic. My kinda stuff. ;) I eventually re-watched the movie from the beginning. And then I read the book. It's the only Dickens book I've ever read, in fact.

So you've probably gathered that I really love the story. And the 1935 movie. And Ronald Colman.

Ronald Colman, in my opinion, IS Sydney Carton. In fact, it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role. Except for one actor... But we'll get to that in a minute.

What I'm trying to say is that A Tale of Two Cities is an amazing masterpiece of a story, and deserves to be on the big screen again. Or another mini-series should be made. I'm not picky. Seeing this story done right on the big screen or TV screen would give me so many happies! :D

Make it happen, Hollywood!

Okay, so let's move on now to my dreamcast. Who would I want to play each of these amazing characters?


First and foremost...

Robert Downey Jr. as Sydney Carton!

*Trying not to swoon over the above pictures*


Crazy as it may sound, RDJ has always reminded me of Ronald Colman. *cough* I'm sure that has nothing to do with my choice *cough*

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the resemblance

I love RDJ. He's an amazing Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, and a great actor overall. Sydney is such a wonderfully broody and complex character, the type I know RDJ can carry off perfectly. Sydney kind of reminds me of Tony Stark, actually. The profligate with the heart of gold. ;)

Now let's talk about Lucie Manette. Okay, she's is a little two-dimensional in the book (sorry, Dickens). Even Wikipedia describes her as "An ideal pre-Victorian lady, perfect in every way." Her purpose in the book is simply to be angelic and good. I'd want an actress who can carry of the angelic sweetness, but also flesh her out, and give her intelligence and backbone. So I'd choose...

Liv Tyler.

Lucie's character is one of angelic goodness. She's the sweet, innocent girl two men fall madly in love with, and one dies for. She's the ideal.

Of course, Lucie isn't perfect, and I'd want a film to show that. She'd have to have smarts and be fleshed out and have flaws. But she'd still need to be that shining beacon of light and beauty that causes Sydney to want to redeem himself. She brings out his selflessness.

Also, Liv has such a beautiful, soft, ethereal voice. She sounds like a real life Disney Princess. I think that's the type of voice Lucie would have.

As for Charles Darnay, the stalwart, good, level-headed French aristocrat, who falls in love with Lucie and is lucky enough to have her return his feelings, I decided to choose an actor you could like and actually root for, but still prefer RDJ over (hehehe). So I chose Matthew Macfadyen.

As for all the other characters, I'm not too picky. Maybe Michael Gambon as Lucy Manette's father? And perhaps Helene Bonham Carter as Madame De Farge?

Do you agree with my casting? What are your ideas? Let me know in the comments below. :)


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  2. After reading this post, I think that I must see the 1935 "A Tale of Two Cities"! I have never read the book, but I know the story-line and I think it would make an amazing movie! I have only seen Ronald Coleman in "Random Harvest", but I that he an amazing actor.I think that if another movie was to be made of the story, your dream cast would be perfect!

    1. Aw, thank you so much. :)
      Yes, you must indeed watch it. I've seen "Random Harvest" too, and really love it, but "A Tale of Two Cities" is Ronald Colman's best movie, in my opinion.

  3. I, of course, share your views, hehe. It would be so awesome if RDJ was in A Tale of Two Cities. I think it would be cool if they'd do another Two Cities at all, though!

    1. I desperately want a new Tale of Two Cities movie to be made. :)

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  5. Hello! Newbie to your blog here. :)
    I LOVE the ATOTC book and would be so incredibly happy if a new movie was made. I've only seen the 1935 version too, and while I think it could be better in some aspects (Madame Defarge, anyone?), I loved Ronald Coleman as Sydney and the ending was absolute perfection. :)
    Hmmm.... Matthew MacFayden is great. I never thought of him as Charles Darnay though... interesting thought. Yes to Helena Bonham Carter. Not sure about Michael Gambon and Liv Tyler though. ;) Great post!

    1. Thank you for your comment! To tell the truth, the only actor I was really certain about was Robert Downy Jr. Everyone else was much harder to choose. But I do like the idea of Helena Bonham Carter as Madame De Farge. She would certainly be creepy enough. ;)

  6. Hey! Just dropping in to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award (http://regencynovel.blogspot.com/2014/04/time-for-elevenses-mr-gruber.html)! You don't have to do it; just thought I'd let you know. :)